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“Creativity is the tool that sheds light on our darkness.”

Meet the Founder

Hey there! I am Pragashnie Naidoo.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know your therapist. My life’s journey so far has been an exciting blend of academic curiosity and holistic wellness. My academic milestones include a BSc in Health Science and a Master’s in Education, and now, I’m enthusiastically gearing up for a PhD adventure that awaits me on the horizon.

I began my journey in Complementary Health Therapy in 1999, encompassing areas like Hypnosis, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Kahuna Massage, Dance, and Meditation Classes. While I find labels somewhat limiting, if I align myself with philosophical ethos, they will resonate with Life Learning, Conscious Living, Humanitarianism, Humanism, Minimalism, Activism, Critical Thinking, and Reasoning.

Over time, a heartfelt passion for Children’s Rights, Education, Psychology, Philosophy, Humanitarianism, and Writing has blossomed within me. These self-taught interests have gracefully morphed into my life’s focal pursuits.

Now, in the fulfilling roles of a Wellness Counsellor and Life Coach, I aspire to be a pillar of support for adults and children as they navigate through the multifaceted challenges life presents, whether on a personal or societal level. I aim to foster healing and growth, promoting holistic well-being that extends from the individual to the wider community.

With a blend of Writing, Public Health Promotion, and Education as my tools, my mission is to catalyze positive change, aiding individuals to surmount their challenges and reach their full potential. Through these mediums, I aim to contribute to building a nurturing environment that facilitates personal and communal growth, creating a harmonious ripple effect through the layers of our society.

Please visit my LinkedIn Profile to view my credentials, including my volunteer work.


Empowering individuals to transform their lives through self-discovery, creative expression, and a meaningful sense of purpose and personal growth, contributing to a society of compassion and progress.


Our mission is to inspire individuals to envision new possibilities, catalyze meaningful change, and wholeheartedly embrace a vibrant life. If one can imagine it, one can create it and live it.


  • Comprehensive Well-being: We strive to cultivate comprehensive personal growth and fulfillment by offering wellness counselling, hypnotherapy, and life coaching services that address mental, emotional, philosophical, and existential dimensions. This empowers individuals to achieve balance and a sense of purpose.

  • Educational . Empowerment: Through our course development and educational services, we aim to empower the public with knowledge and skills for improved health, personal growth, and academic excellence.

  • Creative Exploration: Our company fosters creativity and self-expression. We offer various writing services, from editing and proofreading to ghost-writing and content creation, to help individuals articulate their ideas, stories, and visions.

  • Academic Excellence: Our services extend to the academic realm, providing thorough editing, reference checking, and academic paper support, contributing to the success and impact of scholarly work.

  • Visual Identity and Impact: We provide all-encompassing book design services, including cover design, layout, and promotional videos, to enhance the visual impact of written works and capture their essence.

  • Empowering Voices: Our commitment to being a platform for diverse voices is reflected in our ghost-writing and content creation services, enabling individuals to share their stories and messages with the world.

  • Transformative Growth: Through all our services, we aim to empower individuals to imagine new possibilities, create positive change, and live authentically, nurturing personal and societal transformation

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